Winter Term 2 Newsletter

Crown Wood Primary School

We are now open at Crown Wood Primary School and are receiving many positive comments and feedback.  We have transformed the Club over the Christmas period and the children at Crown Wood are enjoying the new toys and staff.


Social Media

This the quickest and easiest way of us communicating events happening within the Beehive to you.  We run competitions through social media, and it has been good to see so many of you joining in.

We will shortly also be using Twitter but in the meantime please follow us on: – 

pastedGraphic.png The Beehive Club   pastedGraphic_1.png    The Beehive Club

And don’t forget to keep an eye on our Website – where you can now print your own booking forms!


Magic Booking

After Easter we will have a new booking system.  Many of you will have used the system when booking sports and holiday clubs.

The system will allow more flexibility – particularly for those parents who work shifts – and will allow on line booking and payment.  The system will automatically send out invoices via email.  More details will follow over the coming weeks.


Late Pick Up

Unfortunately, this is still a common reoccurrence within The Beehive. Staff are constantly leaving the Clubs late due to parents not collecting their children by 6.00pm.  

Please ensure that if your route is affected by any of the numerous roadworks in the area that you allow plenty of time to reach your Club before 6.00pm or arrange alternative collection arrangements for your children.  

The fine for late pick up is an initial fee of £15.00 plus a £1.00 per minute thereafter.


Contact Details

Please note all clubs contact details below.  Please use your own Club email or telephone number to notify us of any changes or illness.  Email is the best way to contact us to make changes as Club phones are only answered in Club hours.

Due to the vast number of emails and calls that the clubs receive each day we are now limiting our hours in which we will return calls, texts and emails.  These hours are 7.30am – 6.00pm.

Crown Wood Club – 07555 030016

Email: –

Finchampstead Club – 07587 908284

Email: –

Nine Mile Ride Club – 07587 715931

Email: –

Oaklands Club – 07585 059149

Email: –

Wooden Hill Club – 07555 030016

Email: –


Kerry Leah, Managing Director – 07769 881946

Email: –



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